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YIG Helps Precious Metals Group Achieve Overall Listing


On March 16, Yunnan Investment Group and Sino-Platinum Metals Co., Ltd. formally signed the Equity Transfer Agreement, YIG transferred 100% equity of Yunnan Precious Metals New Materials Holding Group (Precious Metals Group) to Sino-Platinum Metals in a non-public agreement, it marks that YIG has reached a new stage in deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, and Precious Metals Group has became the first provincially-managed state-owned enterprise that achieved an overall listing in Yunnan Province.

Through this integration, it is conducive to inject Precious Metals Group’s high-quality scientific and technological innovation power, industry resources and important values in regional economic transformation and upgrading into Sino-Platinum Metals, provide key core technology support for solving the series of “stuck neck” problem in the field of precious metals high technology, promote the integrated development of basic and applied research, enhance the R&D capability of Sino-Platinum Metals, form a complete integrated innovation system of industry, academia, research and application, and further enhancing the core competitiveness of Sino-Platinum Metals in the field of precious metals. In the future, it will build a precious metal new material industry operation platform in Yunnan Province with Sino-Platinum Metals as the main body, and accelerate the construction of a high-end rare precious metal new material manufacturing and strategic metal reserve base that based on the resource endowment of Yunnan Province. 

YIG is the first Fortune Global 500 enterprise in Yunnan Province. Over the past 25 years since its establishment, YIG has completed a total investment of over 250.2 billion RMB in the construction of key projects in Yunnan Province, raised a total of 531.8 billion RMB, driven social investment of 720.8 billion RMB, and developed into a comprehensive investment holding enterprise with the largest asset scale in Yunnan Province.

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