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Yunnan Investment Group's full-time external directors investigate Yunnan Yunjing Forestry and Pulp Mill Company


On March 14 and 15, Liu Wenbin, Li Wenbin, Geng Keming, and Zhang Yu, full-time external directors of Yunnan Investment Group, went to Yunnan Yunjing Forestry and Pulp Mill Company to conduct special research.

The research team went to Yunnan Yunjing Forestry and Pulp Mill Company’s production workshop and project development land to check the production and operation of the company. Then, an exchange symposium was held to listen to the reports on the "14th Five-Year" development plan, industrial layout, ecological and environmental protection of Yunnan Yunjing Forestry and Pulp Mill Company. Afterward, the research group communicated and guided the company's strategic planning.

The research group fully affirmed the achievements of Yunnan Yunjing Forestry and Pulp Mill Company for more than twenty years since its setup, believing that the company has fully embarked on the track of benign and healthy development. The research group put forward suggestions for the next development of Yunnan Yunjing Forestry and Pulp Mill Company: The first is to actively integrate into the high-quality development strategy of Yunnan Province and Yunnan Investment Group, enhancing the social value of enterprises to make state-owned enterprises better and more robust; The second is to think about enterprise development from the perspective of the development of the entire industry chain. We need to deeply explore the value of the industrial chain by systematically analyzing the profit model of each link so as to fully mobilize social capital to participate in the development of the green economy jointly; The third is to incorporate the environmental and social benefits of enterprise development into the core competitiveness of the enterprise to enhance social recognition; The fourth is to actively deploy "carbon peaking, carbon neutrality" and "carbon sink trading"; Fifth, pay close attention to cost reduction and efficiency increase, so as to reduce the overall cost of enterprises by focusing on the weak links of cost reduction and efficiency increase; The sixth is to build a team of high-quality industrial workers. By ensuring the stability of the technical backbone team can we strengthen team building and safeguard the rights and interests of employees.

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