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Huang Xiaorong, Deputy Secretary General of the Provincial Government, Led a Team to China Development Bank for Exchange and Discussion


On May 7, Huang Xiaorong, Deputy Secretary Generalof the Provincial Government, led a team to the head office of ChinaDevelopment Bank (CDB) for exchange and discussion. Hao Yaohui, General Managerof the Industrial Department I of China Development Bank, attended thediscussion with other responsible persons. Qiu Lujun, Secretary of the CPCYunnan Investment Group Committee and Chairman participated in discussion andprovided information about business segments and key projects of YunnanInvestment Group as well as its cooperation with CDB branches in Yunnan.





Hao welcomed Huang and his delegation. He said thatduring the 14th Five-year Plan period, China Development Bank would expand thecooperation field to give full support for Yunnan's economic and socialdevelopment, and support the development of state-owned enterprises such asYunnan Investment Group. CDB also expected to explore new cooperation modes toenhance the effectiveness of cooperation with Yunnan in infrastructureconstruction, social undertakings, rehabilitation, green energy, ruralrevitalization and other aspects.


Huang extendedheartfelt gratitude to CDB for its vigorous support of economic and socialdevelopment of Yunnan for a long time. He indicated that Yunnan wouldproactively serve and get involved in national development strategies duringthe 14th Five-year Plan period, sparing no effort to create "ThreeCards" (i.e., green energy card, green food card and healthy lifedestination card) of the world's best. It was hoped that CDB would continue tocare about and support the development of Yunnan, strengthen the financingsupport for major projects and key work in the fields of cultural tourism, bighealth services, infrastructure construction, etc., so as to boost high-qualitygreat-leap-forward development of Yunnan.

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