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CITIC Group Visited YIG for Exchange and Discussion


On February 23, Zhou Wei, Deputy General Manager of the Business Coordination Department of CITIC Group, and his delegation visited YIG for discussion and exchange. Chen Shaobo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Labor Union of YIG, attended the meeting.

Chen Shaobo welcomed the visit of Zhou Wei and his delegation, and introduced the basic situation of YIG, it’s layout of the “5+1” core industries and the “14th Five-Year Plan” development plan. He said that CITIC Group and YIG, as central enterprises and local provincial enterprises respectively, have similarities in functional positioning and industrial sectors. CITIC Group is actively deploying health care, medical and other health industries, and Yunnan Province has positioned the health care industry as trillion-dollar industries, YIG also promotes health care as one of the five core industries, we hope to carry out in-depth cooperation with CITIC Group in health care and other industries. The head of Yunnan Medical Investment Management Group and Yunnan YIG Hotel Development Co., Ltd. introduced the basic situation of the companies and the expected cooperation model respectively.

Zhou Wei introduced the development history, core industries and “14th Five-Year” development plan of CITIC Group. He said that China CITIC Bank, a subsidiary of CITIC Group, had a good cooperative relationship with YIG in the financial field before, and hoped that the two parties could carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation from the overall level in the future. The relevant persons in charge of CITIC Healthcare Industry Group and CITIC Xingye Elderly Service Development Co., Ltd. under CITIC Group, respectively introduced CITIC Group’s market layout, development status, investment direction and cooperation methods in hospital investment, specialized medical care, and health care industry.

The heads of relevant departments and some holding companies of CITIC Group, Liu Xuesong, President Assistant and secretary of the board of directors of YIG, and heads of relevant departments of the headquarters and some holding companies of YIG attended the discussion.

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